Early Bird

I’ve always considered myself a “morning person”, or an “early bird”. When i was in high school, i was always up early. Even in college, i didn’t really need an alarm clock to get up. I’d just wake up, whenever i needed to be up.

After college, i was working as a retail manager (more on that in a whole separate entry), and i would work awful hours. Some days, i’d have to be in for 6, 7, or 8 am. Other days, i’d go in at noon, or 1, or 2, and not get home until 10:30 or 11pm. And this would change, EVERY SINGLE DAY. So it was harder to get up in the mornings.

Then, when i got pregnant … my mornings were an awful mess. I was still working as a retail manager, but it was a little more steady. But with the terrible morning/afternoon/night sickness that i had, getting up was always dreaded. I’d wake up every morning early, but if i got out of bed before 8 or so, i’d be in the bathroom throwing up — guaranteed. While pregnant, i started to sleep — a LOT more than ever before. I’d sleep in if i could. I’d go BACK to bed when i could. I’d sleep after work. I’d go to bed early. ALL i wanted to do — was sleep.

Then i thought to myself — if i want to sleep THIS much, WHAT am i going to do when the baby is here? How will i ever sleep again?! How will i get up in the middle of the night!!??

Then, go figure — the baby was born in the middle of the night. Ha! His way of saying, HI MOM! I’m here, and you KNOW you want to be sleeping right now!!

But when we got home, it wasn’t so bad. The first few nights were ok. He’d wake up on and off all night, and i’d go to the cradle, bring him to my bed, nurse him, and put him back in his cradle. This only lasted a month and a half or so, before i discovered the wonders of side-laying nursing and co-sleeping.

Which brings us to our routine that we have now. My husband, went back to work about a month ago. So, i was lucky enough to have him home for about 3 months to help with my little Bug. When hubby went back to work, he had one request — that i make his lunch for work for him. That’s it, i said! Easy!

I decided, i’d do it each night before bed. That worked great for a week. Then i was too tired in the evenings. So i decided, i’ll get up with him when he gets up, and make it then. He gets up around 4am.

And so, my morning routine was born.

Nowadays, i wake up before him. 3:30am, usually. I get up, wander into the kitchen, set the coffee pot. Do some dishes, wipe down the counters. Start packing his cooler. (He is a roofer, and works outside all day, so i pack him a cooler of lunch, snacks, waters, etc.) I make him sandwiches, sometimes pack leftovers. Usually throw in poptarts, or oatmeal, so he can eat breakfast if he wants. And when i’m feeling really ambitious, i’ll pull out my breastpump — and pump while standing at the counter, WHILE making coffee and sandwiches.

When he leaves at 4:15 or so, i go do other things. At this point the Bug is still sleeping, usually in our bed, sometimes in his crib (again — another entry for another day), so i have time to myself. I like to straighten the living room, feed the cat/clean the litter box, sweep the laundry room, and then make myself a cup of coffee and sit at my laptop, and relax for a bit. “Mama me-time”, every mama needs a little bit of it.

But today — ugh. I woke up at 2:30am to hear both of my dogs crying/barking. I listened to them for a little bit, trying to block it out. I couldn’t so i got up and let them out (they sleep together in their crate), and they just wanted water. I was surprisingly awake, so i went in the kitchen and did my thing — dishes, made coffee, and realized HEY! I’m awake, let me throw in an extra early pump session for good luck, haha. After i was done, i went about and did more things, considered going to bed, but realized i was too awake to do so. Hubby woke up at 4, and i could hear baby crying from our bed. So i gave him his bottle, and tried to get him to fall back asleep. While trying to get him to fall asleep, i put myself back to sleep. I needed to be up to pump again around 4:30 or so, and was mad when i woke up at 6:15! I missed my pump! And i had a headache!!!

So now, it’s 7:30am. I’m sitting alone in the living room (which needs to be desperately vacuumed, might i add, and had a cup of coffee — and the headache is subsiding. Baby is still sleeping in my bed, so i’ll leave him be until he wakes up. He hasn’t been napping AT ALL during the days, and we’ve been having awful “bedtimes” at night, so i might as well get in my mama time while i can.

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