In an effort to blog frequently…

I’ve already written a LONG blog entry this morning. Then i deleted it. It just… I didn’t like it.

It’s only 9:30am. I’ve been up since 3:45. I’ve already washed dishes, washed bottles, fed the cat, swept the laundry room, taken the dogs out, made my bed, ate breakfast, changed and fed the baby (TWICE), sorted through the bills, taken out the trash. I still have to attempt to WRITE out the bills, and vacuum the rugs. There may be more. The morning is a little fuzzy. And of course, i’m pumping for the 4th time already.

Aaaaaand, baby is crying AGAIN. Dear baby boy — can mommy have longer than a 10 minute span of no-crying today? And i’d love if you’d take a nap for longer than a few minutes. Thanks. Love mommy.

And here i go, need to attempt to pump and tend to the baby at the same time.



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