First Father’s Day.

Yesterday was Josh’s first Father’s Day. Last year on Father’s Day, I was not even 6 weeks pregnant, so no one knew yet, and we didn’t really “celebrate” (although i had gotten him a cute little daddy-to-be card, anyways).

This year, i wanted it to be special. I woke up at my normal 3:30am time. I did my normal routine in the morning, and washed dishes, and pumped, and straightened up the house, while daddy and baby were both fast asleep in our bed (yes, we co-sleep).

Around 5am, i started to get breakfast together. I made a egg and sausage casserole. SO GOOD. This one was different than one i made not long ago. This one used cubed white bread, 8 eggs, sausage (i used turkey sausage) and milk. So easy to put together, pop in the oven, and 45 minutes later, breakfast is done! I also threw mushrooms in mine, for fun.

Breakfast Casserole.

Along with breakfast, i made coffee. Josh likes his coffee with sugar and milk, i don’t. I prefer a flavored creamer, and without one, i won’t really drink the coffee. So i skipped out on coffee, because we were all out, but i made him coffee anyways.

After breakfast, it was time for presents! My original plan was to have gifts to give to him all day long. But, i ended up caving, and just giving him everything all at once. I bought a card, which i ordered online from I had found a code online for a FREE card. Yes, completely free — even shipped to my house, for free! I personalized it and added in lots of pictures of daddy and baby, and it came out so nice! Josh loved it, i honestly think it may have been his favorite part of Father’s Day.

I also got a code online, for a free “collage” from As long as you selected “pick-up at store”, you didn’t have to pay shipping, so it was completely free, also!


I took that, and bought an 8×10 frame from Walmart. I think Josh enjoyed that gift, too. Along with those, i got him 2 “dad” tee shirts, and some new body wash, and a “dad” keychain. I know, all cheesy, typical “dad” gifts. It was his first Father’s Day, so why not?!

We hung around until we went to lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse with both of our dad’s, and his brother and my sister. It was a nice lunch, and then we came back here. The last of everyone left after 6, and we settled in for the evening. I fell asleep with the baby on the couch, while the daddy played a little bit of WoW (and i didn’t complain — it was Father’s Day, i owed it to him!).

All in all, a nice day. I really hope he enjoyed it, i did my best to make it memorable. Although now that i think about it, i didn’t get a picture of baby and daddy on Father’s Day. Darn it.


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