Why i love the Internet.

I think i speak for more than just myself, when i say that a lot of my friends are “internet-friends”. Where else can you meet people who specifically are JUST LIKE YOU?

Around here, i don’t even know where i’d go to meet people. Even when i worked with the public, i didn’t meet people like me. I didn’t really make FRIENDS out of my customers, that’d just be weird. And i rarely made friends with c0-workers, you can’t do that when you’re the boss.

So i find myself now, at 29+ years old, having most of my friends be “on the internet”. I can count on ONE hand, the amount of friends I have “in real life”. One friend i grew up with, and we were distant for a LONG time… probably from the time we graduated highschool, until just recently. We didn’t have a lot in common anymore. I went away to college, she stayed home. I worked in retail, she didn’t. Even though i’d been in my relationship longer, she got married first. She was pregnant WHEN i got married. But then we caught up. Both married, with houses, and babies.

And well, my “best” friend? Nowhere near the same page in life right now. She’s a workaholic, lives 45 minutes away, in a new apartment with a new boyfriend in their new relationship. Bless her, i am so happy for her finding her way in life and i wish her all the happiness, but i just can’t talk to her about the things we used to talk about. I don’t work anymore. I don’t care about all the things i used to care about… shopping, clothes, makeup, shoes, gossip… Now i care about how often i hook up to my breastpump, when i’m going to start giving my baby solid food, and if they’re having a sale at Babies R’ Us. I’m up at 3am, but not because i was partying or out the night before — but because i make my husband coffee & lunch and then pump for breastmilk, and then clean the house BEFORE the baby wakes up. The BEST part of my day, is seeing my little boy open his eyes for the first time that morning, and smile at me. I enjoy iced coffee and watching afternoon tv (“The Talk”), and then cleaning up after dinner and getting ready for bed by 8pm.

It’s hard finding someone to talk to. Someone that you can talk about things that interest you with, and don’t feel like you’re competing with.

Facebook is great, but hey — i don’t know about everyone else, but i barely talk to the people on my Facebook. It’s a quick “Hey, how the hell have you been?!” or a “Congrats on your house/baby/marriage!” and that’s it.

That’s why i love Twitter, and blogging sites, and diary websites. Because you meet people. People with your interests. People with the same problems you have. People who understand you, and support you, and get to know you. It just really sucks when you need someone.. and all the people you REALLY wish could be right here with you, are far, far away…


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