The Baby Bullet & Solid Foods.

Today is baby Bug’s 5 month birthday.

No, he is not on solid food yet. No, he won’t be starting solid food before he hits 6 months.

Not even cereal. You heard me — he’s not getting anything but breastmilk and formula.

Why are there so many people who find this concept absurd??? I’m getting prepared for solids. I’ve bought sippy cups. I’m looking into bowls, spoons… I have a list of the “first foods” on my fridge, in the order that i want him to try them. I’ve been reading all the articles (i’ve looked into “baby led weaning, too — we may give it a bit of a try, but won’t do it completely, we’ll be doing purees, also).

I told my mom, he’s not ready for solid food yet.

“There’s such a thing as being READY?”

Yes. Yes, there is. And he’s not ready.

Maybe, a week or so ago, i was at a “function”, we’ll call it. And there were many other new moms with their new babies. I was chatting with one, about breastfeeding, etc., and she mentioned how her baby, all of 2 months old, was taking 2 cereal bottles A DAY. I think my eyes may have fallen out of my head. I tried so hard to hold back my feelings. I just said, “Wow… my baby is 5 months and DEFINITELY not ready for cereal. And we won’t put it in a bottle…” as the conversation trailed off.

If one more person says to me, “He didn’t gain weight because you didn’t give him cereal in his bottle!” “He wasn’t sleeping because you didn’t give him cereal!!” I may lose my mind completely.


So, back when the baby was only a month old or so (you know, around the time when people were starting to harrass me about giving him the damn cereal), i was up in the middle of the night, nursing (because that’s ALL WE EVER DID), i saw the informercial for the baby bullet. I checked it out online, and it was $60, PLUS SHIPPING. Then they changed the promotion, $80 but you got 2 sets, PLUS SHIPPING.

Errr… i’m not made of money here.

Finally, i found it in Bed, Bath & Beyond. SCORE. No shipping. AND! I had a 20% off coupon! So i bought it about a week ago. I’ve taken it out of the box, run it through the dishwasher, and now i’m patiently waiting for his 6 month birthday, and signs for readiness of solid foods. And then i’m ready to start MAKIN’ BABY FOOD!

(Will do a product review once i’ve used it…)



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