The “I Gave My Baby…” Post.

On Sunday, i went to a family gathering. It was with the family that you see maybe once a month… sometimes less. They’ve seen me 2 times since i’ve had the baby (he’s 5 1/2 months now).

I still get the same questions/comments:

“You’re breastfeeding? I couldn’t… it was ‘gross’ to think about putting my baby near my boobs.” – cousin

“I stopped breastfeeding because i was too gassy. I made the baby too gassy. I guess i was just too gassy to breastfeed?” – grandma

“Give him cereal! He’ll sleep better! I gave my baby cereal when he was a few days old!” – aunt (P.S. he sleeps through the night EVERY night. It’s not the sleeping THROUGH the night i have problems with, it’s getting him to fall asleep in his crib without me. He’s attached, what can i say??)

“You’re waiting HOW long to give him cereal/food??? Oh you’re almost there, he’ll be SO much better when you actually start FEEDING him!” – grandma

“Oh it’s hot out. Give him water. It’ll clean the milk out of his mouth” – aunt

“He’s teething? Let him suck on pickles! They’ll numb his mouth!” – cousin (What the heck?? If i don’t want his first food to be baby cereal, i sure as heck don’t want it to be a pickle!)

These are just some of the comments i got. I stand my ground when i tell people, “I want to do it this way because _______ ” and back it up with what i know/researched, etc. And they can obviously see i’m serious and not going to give in. But it’s so hard for me to hold back and tell them why they’re wrong — i know it’s not worth arguing. And most of them ARE from previous generations, where that stuff WAS the norm.

I’m glad, atleast my mother and father support me. Even though they don’t really know the whole of my trials and tribulations with breastfeeding, they fully support how i feel and haven’t really questioned me on much. Although my mother has made comments about my co-sleeping, which is why i don’t really talk about it.

They might as well get used to it with this baby, because when (and if, by the grace of God) i have more babies, i’ll be doing it the same exact way.


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