Monday Confessions.

A few confessions from the weekend:

  • I haven’t worked out since THURSDAY of last week. I skipped Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I feel horrible. But my knees feel better.
  • Every morning, i sit the baby in front of Sesame Street and pray he’ll stay entertained for an hour, so i can finish up any cleaning, sometimes take a shower, or use the time to try to exercise. It’s that one hour in the day that i NEED, and i feel bad for using the tv to keep him quiet, but it’s just ONE hour. Don’t judge me. 😦
  • I’ve been sleeping in EVERY SINGLE MORNING for a week now. Sleeping in for me, is about 7 or 8am. I’ve gotten UP at 3:30 to make hubby his coffee & lunch, but i have been going back to bed. I think this may be causing some of my depressed feelings, because when i was getting up and staying up, i was happier and more motivated.
  • I feel REALLY mean thoughts about my husband, when i feel ignored. I know he deserves his time, too, but sometimes i wish he WANTED to spend more of that time with us. I can’t FORCE him. But sometimes i need ME time, too, and i don’t get it.
  • I had a BAD MOM moment this weekend. I’m not ready to confess what happened yet.



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