6 Month Old Baby Update.

In trying to keep up with my “month” updates for the baby (which will get printed and put in his scrapbooks), he turned 6 months old this past Thursday, so i’d like to do a quick post to update that. If you haven’t read my last entry, please, please go back and take a look.

Ok, so, my 6 month old baby:

  • We don’t know height and weight at the moment,
    he’ll have his 6 month well-baby check in a couple of weeks. Will edit then with
    that info.
  • Since it’s been hot, hasn’t been having a
    real “bedtime”. It’s too hot in his room to put him down in his crib, so
    around 8 or so, we go to bed in our bed. Usually sleeps through the night,
    although for the past week, has been waking up sometime between midnight and 3am
    to nurse.
  • Has been napping pretty well during the day.
    Usually takes atleast 2 naps.
  • Has been sitting in the high chair at the dinner
    table with us since atleast 2 weeks before his 6 month birthday. He sits in the
    high chair 3 times a day, and we have all of our meals at the kitchen table now,
    with no interruptions. It’s “family time”, and it’s great.
  • Is still nursing, atleast 2 times per day, in the
    morning, and before bed.  He NEVER goes to bed without nursing first, and i’m
    fine with that. Mama is still pumping ~10 ounces per day, so he’s getting
    ATLEAST 10 ounces of breastmilk each day. SO PROUD to be able to say that
    through everything we’ve been through, which is a LOT more than a lot of people,
    that we are pushing on. I want him to nurse/have breastmilk until he’s a year,
    but i’ve spoken to Josh about pushing on and if possible, wanting to go to 2
  • Still rolling all over the floor, both ways, and
    spends most of his time on his tummy now. What a HUGE difference from a few
    months ago when he HATED it. When i’m not looking, he scoots around the floor
    and ends up atleast a few feet from where he was.
  • Does NOT like to sit/lay back anymore. If he’s on
    the Boppy on the couch with me, he’s NOT happy. He has to be on the floor where
    he can move, or most of the time, in the bouncer sitting up.
  • We’re practicing assisted sitting, and the
    occasional 2 seconds of unassisted sitting. He’s getting stronger, and when
    laying back, pulls his head and shoulders forward on his own.
  • Still teething like MAD, only now we can see 2
    lumps on his bottom gums, where those teeth are going to be! We’re making
    progress! Using orajel, still hasn’t had ANY Tylenol yet.
  • Enjoyed some tastes of watermelon before his 6
    month birthday (not even a week before), and ON 6 months, we used the Baby
    Bullet to make his first food — pureed avocado! He made awful faces, spit it
    out, but gave it a shot for a good 15 minutes. Out of 2 avocados — $4 — we
    have enough for ATLEAST a week! Maybe more. There’s some in the fridge AND the
    freezer. That baby bullet will EASILY pay for itself in a month or two.
    Definitely recommend!
  • Is still working on picking things up. Not really
    happening, but we’re trying. This is the main reason we aren’t exclusively doing
    BLW, he can’t pick things up on his own.
  • Fitting in a vast range of sizes still. The
    onesie he wore on his 6 month — was size 0-3. But we have 3 month, 3-6, and
    very few 6 month, that fit, too. Still have TONS of clothes, no need to
  • REALLY enjoys Sesame Street and Elmo. Watched
    about an hour of Elmo in the morning, after bottle but before playtime, while
    mommy washes bottles/dishes or does other things.
  • Moved up to SIZE 3 diapers finally!
  • Right before bed, on his 6 month — for the first
    time, pulled at his feet. (And daddy said, during diaper change, he pulled at
    his dinky for the first time, hehe! )
  • And, a bullet i’m not happy to have to put in
    here… after much consideration, and getting a few different opinions online,
    from experienced mothers to LC’s — we have unofficially officially diagnosed a
    lip tie. (more on this in the previous entry).
  • For the most part, a really happy baby. Where oh
    where have the first 6 months gone…?

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