Making My Own Baby Food — Baby Bullet Review

One night, shortly after the baby was born, i must’ve been up in the middle of the night, watching infomercials. I used to sit up in my bed nursing him, flipping through the channels looking for some kind of tv show to entertain me for a bit (this was before we started co-sleeping and side lying nursing, which is how i actually get SLEEP now). I came upon the Baby Bullet. The infomercials are kinda silly. (Here’s the infomercial, that i borrowed from Youtube.)

But, it DID catch my attention. What can i say, i’m a sucker for cute things! So from that point on, i did research online about why actual store bought jarred baby food is bad, including what’s in it, the quality of foods used to make it, whether or not it was organic, and even why organic ones aren’t good, plus preservatives, sugars, etc. I decided, i’d purchase the Baby Bullet, and that i’d be making my own baby food. To make a long story short, I found a good buy — get the Baby Bullet at a store like Bed, Bath, & Beyond (or from what i hear, they sell it at Kohl’s, also?). Use a coupon (20% off coupons for BB&B are everywhere). That way, you have a discount, a receipt, and don’t have to pay for shipping. I think i paid a total of $49 for my Baby Bullet.

I bought it when Buggy was about 3 or 4 months old. I took it out of the box, put it through the dishwasher (to pre-clean and sterilize), packed it BACK in the box, and left it on my counter for the next few months. (I was adamant that i would not be feeding solids until he turned 6 months. I actually started MAYBE a week before his 6 month birthday).

When it came time, i took my weekly trip down to the local farmstand that we buy our fruits and vegetables from. And i picked up 2 beautiful, ripe, locally grown avocados. It cost me a total of $4. I took them home and set up my Baby Bullet on the counter. I used the batch bowl, which you see is near the stove top, to the right hand side of the picture. The little cup that’s on the cutting board, is the short cup, which can be used for small batches. I peeled and cut both avocados, and put them in the bowl. Put on the top, pop it on the base, and within 10 seconds, COMPLETELY pureed. You can add liquid as you feel necessary, either water, formula, or breastmilk. I add water when i’m initially making the food, because you shouldn’t freeze the food if it’s made with breastmilk. Then, when i either a) take it out of the fridge for dinner, or b) take it out of the freezer, when i add the amount i need to a bowl, i add a little breastmilk to add nutrients, and to make the consistency i desire.

All set up & ready to go!

Storage cups.

There’s even a dial so you can set the date. That way when i take it out of the freezer or fridge, i know exactly when it was made! Right now, he’s only eating solids once a day, and this little 2 ounce cup is WAY more than you need in one sitting, so one cup is 2 or 3 meals for us. 2 avocados made enough to fill ALL 6 of those little containers. So that’s 12 minimum meals. For only $4, completely homemade, in less than a few minutes.


So far, we’ve had avocado and watermelon, and yesterday i made up a batch of sweet potato, which we will start later this week (that’s in the freezer, for now). I have enough baby food made for atleast 2-3 weeks right now, and in total, it maybe took me 10 minutes, and $5. And if you use the silicone tray to freeze, after freezing for about 24 hours, you can pop the individual ones out, store them in a labeled and dated plastic freezer bag, and make MORE. I’m having so much FUN making the food, by the end of the next week or two, i’ll have atleast a month’s worth of food stored!  Definitely worth it!

[I am NO way related to the company that makes the Baby Bullet, and i am not professionally endorsing, nor am i being paid to do this review. This is strictly my OWN opinions, based on my own personal use of the Baby Bullet in my own home for my baby.]

.. And fun! How can you open the fridge and NOT smile when you see one of those smiling back at you!

(I will be editing to add a few more pictures.)


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