The Need to Help Others

I know what i want to do with my life.

I want to be a mom, obviously. My husband has been the most amazing thing EVER. Before we got pregnant, it was pretty much set in stone, i’d have a baby, and then go back to work. Then i got pregnant, and even though it KILLED me to think about, it was still pretty set… i’d have the baby, stay home for 6, 8, or 12 weeks, and then GO BACK TO WORK.

Then, at 12:24am on January 28th, i gave birth. I took ONE look at this little baby boy in my arms for the first time, and just knew that i could not go back to work.

Now, i know that i want atleast one more baby. I’d REALLY love to have two more babies. And my hubby really stepped up after the baby was born. He went out and got an even BETTER job than he’d already had. Soon, we’ll have insurance. He’s bringing home enough money for ALL of our bills, including paying medical bills, AND we’re saving some/updating things in the house, too. And as he says now, he “never wants me to work again”. Unless, of course, i want to.

But the one thing i would LOVE to do — is help other women. Pregnant women. Women who just gave birth. Women who have preemie babies. Women who need help breastfeeding. Women who are going through what i went through (and am still going through).

I have all these ideas in my head. Volunteering somewhere. Forming support groups. Just all sorts of things to connect on those levels, and give the help and advice that i didn’t get, but can give now, after having gone through it myself.

It’s just a thought, right?

(Have an update on breastfeeding entry in the works, coming soon.)


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