7 Month Old Baby Update

7 Month Old Baby.

  • Has been on solids for a little over a month. Has had (not in order): watermelon, avocado, sweet potato, banana,
    oatmeal, carrots, peas, zucchini, pears. I give him different mixes, like carrots/sweet potato/banana, avocado/peas, and many others. Our schedule is usually a fruit or a fruit/oatmeal for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and then a mix of veggies for dinner. This week we’ll start yogurt, which will be a plain whole milk yogurt that we’ll probably do for breakfast or lunch. I also bought some brown rice, which i’ll use to make my own rice cereal to have another option for breakfast. (The Baby Bullet, or the Magic Bullet, or any other system like that comes with a flat blade, the “milling” blade, which grinds down oats, rices, etc, and then you just cook it with boiling water — easy homemade baby cereal without all the crap they put in the boxed baby cereals!)
  • Still in size 3 diaper. I had an awful run-in with a box of Huggies, WORST DIAPER EVER. Leaked EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I was so angry, i wrote them a letter. They wrote back how sorry they were and how they would send me something in the mail. They sent me a
    coupon for a free package of Huggies (valued no more than $12… so that’s like a 30 pack of diapers, if that), and they sent me 2 coupons for free packages of Depends (?!?!) Seriously, W.T.F. That  made me even MORE mad. Once i’m done with my free pack, i’m using Pampers only. I like them SO MUCH BETTER. I’ve been interested in cloth diapers, and have gotten some great advice… but still not sure where to start. They should offer like a “starter set” or something… all you need to start-up in one little set? I’d even like to try cloth diapering just part time to begin… ?
  • Wearing mostly size 6 month clothes. I’m finally starting to go through all the clothes i bought at Once Upon A Child a few months ago, but my mom just bought a bunch of 9 month outfits, so we’re pretty good. We have plenty of pj’s, just need maybe some more onesies, that’s one thing i don’t have a lot of and he wears them EVERY day while we hang out in the house.
  • Now that we’re eating solids meals 3 times a day, he’s taking less formula. I’m not exactly sure HOW much he’s getting, i don’t keep track, nor do i have him on a “schedule” for his bottles. He gets a breastmilk bottle first thing in the morning, and one before bed, to make sure he gets 10 oz a day. Then, i feed on demand throughout the day. And he’s still nursing a few times throughout the day, and all night  long while we still co-sleep.
  • I’m using the hospital grade pump still, and pumping 4-5x a day. Some days i’m getting 10+ oz, somedays less. Starting on “More Milk Plus” today, which is expensive, but i bought a bottle on Amazon for $18 — that’s a 10 day supply. We’ll see if it works at all. I’m NOT GIVING UP. I will pump until atleast 12 months, and i will do what i can to keep giving him 10oz a day or more.
  • His 7 month birthday was ON the day Hurricane Irene hit us. So, “Baby’s 1st Hurricane” milestone?
  • He’s not crawling yet, but wants to SO BAD. He’s rolling and scooting and moving however he can, and if you turn your head he’s GONE. Really loving sitting in the exersaucer, and the walker, and anything where he can play with toys. Still absolutely loves Elmo, and we
    watch an episode of Sesame Street every morning.
  • Laughed for the first time. Not a baby laugh, a real, hearty LAUGH. It was hilarious, and he hasn’t done it again since. Still makes all the same crazy noises, the babbling, the screaming, the yelling, the SCREECHING. I love it all. When he wants attention, especially if
    we’re having a conversation, he’ll start yelling at you. It’s TOO funny.
  • Sitting up all the time now. Can’t put himself in the sitting position too well, but once you put him in it, he’ll sit for quite a while. Loves to stand while you hold him by his hands, and is already trying to figure out how to pull up on something low to the ground. Going to be moving ANY time now!
  • We’re SO looking forward to fall. CT is gorgeous in the fall, there’s a ton of great places to go to see the foliage, and lots of places to go apple picking, get homemade ciders, pick pumpkins, etc. And A TON of great harvest fairs, and of course, the Big E. Can’t wait to take him to do all of those things!
  • Loves to watch Josh play the guitar. Will sit and watch and listen, and if the guitar is propped up across the room, will FIND a way to get over to it so he can touch it. We can’t wait until he’s big enough for baby’s first guitar!

I know, i know, i really need to blog more… I’m trying to figure out where exactly i want my blog to go. I have some ideas, but i’ve been busy. Oh well, it’s a work in progress that hopefully will develop over time…


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