Dinner with @TempestBeauty (and Ruby!)

When i think back to the day i REALLY became active on Twitter, i think back to one of the first few people that i “met”. I don’t remember what the tweets were about, but most likely, breastfeeding. I searched all day on Twitter for mamas like me, who tweeted about breastfeeding, and pumping, and that’s how i’ve come to find the most amazing support group of twitter mamas out there. And that’s when i met Mandy (@TempestBeauty on Twitter, check out her blog, too).

We’ve become more than just “twitter friends”, and she was going to be up my way to take Ruby up to Albany, NY to get her tongue clipped (her blog post on it, here). Not gonna lie here, i tried to rack my brain to find a way to be able to have her and Ruby spend the night here at my house with me. I imagined it… sitting around drinking tea, while the babies played on the floor (our babies are less than 2 weeks apart in age!), pumping together, nursing our babies… sharing stories, asking questions about all things motherhood (shoot, maybe she can show me how to crochet, she just started and she is GOOD!).

But, that couldn’t happen. (Maybe one day??? I’m hopeful.) You know how, when you WANT to say something to someone REAL bad, but you don’t want them to think you’re crazy? That’s how i felt. I knew she was going to be in the area (and, by in the area, i mean within about 2 and a half hours away from me), and i wanted to ask her, “So, HOW can i see you?” without sounding all stalker-like. I mean, what if she didn’t want to meet me? Then i was just a crazy girl stalking her from Twitter, and she’d think i was nuts. But she was the one who said, why didn’t i just drive up there and have dinner with her (and Ruby).

I asked my hubby, if he would drive me. Because, [confession] i hate to drive. So, he agreed, and drove me and the baby, the 2+ hours up to Albany to have dinner. We texted back and forth, and i’ll admit, i was nervous! What if she didn’t like me? What if i said something stupid. What if i did something dumb. I’m self conscious, i hate the way i look. What if i did something to make me look like a bad parent? Yeah, i was terrified.

Walking up to the door of the restaurant, i noticed her and Ruby standing just inside right away. As hubby was asking if she was at a table, i said, “There they are!” We hugged, and she asked if i was nervous. (YES!!!)

We sat at a table, with our babies on the end in restaurant high chairs, and my heart MELTED when they held hands. My little boy’s first girlfriend! 😉 My hubby took right to them, and talked and talked and talked (Sorry about that, Mandy. He’s a chatterbox! — and he really liked you guys.) And i stumbled over my words and stared at my food and… well, acted kinda awkward and shy and nervous. (YIKES)

The babies. (Picture from Mandy's Instagram)

We chatted about breastfeeding and pumping, feeding and baby led weaning (i let my baby try my HAMBURGER!). There’s SO MUCH MORE i wish i would have said. Questions i would’ve asked. Things i would’ve done. But i’ll be honest, almost the entire dinner, all i could think about was, “I’ll have to go home soon… it’ll be over… when will i see them again??” I wish i would’ve taken more pictures. Of us. Of the babies. (How much fun would it be to do some nursing pictures?! Mandy, you can play with my camera! 😉 )

I could go on and on. But, i won’t. I got to have dinner with one of the most amazing mamas i’ve EVER met. I absolutely adore her and her baby girl. I got to HOLD Ruby, and that sweet little girl is AMAZING. LOVE HER!

It’s amazing how you can meet someone online who lives far, far away from you (ok, it’s not THAT far, but far enough!), and you can build SUCH a relatioship with them. They know more about you than anyone you know who lives close to you. You share everything with them, they don’t judge you, and you can have the BEST friendship. This is one friendship that i hope lasts a long, LONG time.



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