Cloth Diapering — It’s Working For Us.

I’ve officially been cloth diapering my little guy for … a week and a half now, or so. I have been “interested” in finding out more about it for a while now, but after viewing MANY websites that sell cloth, and seeing ALL of the different options and prices, i was VERY overwhelmed, and decided maybe it wasn’t for me, afterall.

Then, i was on Twitter one afternoon, and a friend posted that she was selling somecloth diapers for CHEAP. I inquired for more info, and it turned out she was selling 8 diapers(plus the 8 inserts) for $2.50 each ! That turns out to be $20 for 8 full diapers. I couldn’t turn down that deal! I still didn’t know much, but i looked at the picture she sent me, and figured — they look easy enough. Why not try it?

Here’s a picture of 6 of the diapers (the other 2 are in the wash). I didn’t have a choice of colors, so i had to take what she had. Some of them are on the “girly” side, but the only really girly one is the pink-ish one with the stars. Even the purple one just has animals on it (zebras, etc), so it’s not that bad. It’s hard to tell from the picture. But that’s what they look like, anyways. I’m not really the kind of person who’s all “my BOY has to wear blue and green; my GIRL has to wear pink and purple” anyways.

These are a simple, no-name brand pocket diaper. (Sorry for the iPhone pictures. It was easier than whipping out the big camera at the moment)

First , the 6 diapers. Second, here’s both sides. The bottom obviously  is the outside, which has the snaps to make it different sizes. These are one size fits all diapers, so you just adjust as they grow. I think this is much better than buying bigger sizes as they grow. And on the top, is the under side.

In this picture (above) i show both the inside of the diaper, and the insert. Where i’m lifting the diaper, that is where the “pocket” is. You stuff one insert in there before putting on baby.

Ok, so that’s the basics on how you use this diaper. This is only my experience with this specific type of diaper. There seem to be lots of other kinds, and i don’t know how they work, but i DO really like this kind, especially for a beginner like me. AND, on a budget. They do sell these no-name brand diapers on ebay, but they seem to all be from China and i’m not sure how i feel about ordering online from China. There is also a name-brand, Sunbaby diapers, that were recommended to me that are very similar to these and very well-liked, but they also, have to
be ordered from China and take about 6 weeks to get to you. I know people who HAVE ordered from there (
and are VERY satisfied with their purchases. I’m currently looking into buying more diapers from another mom on Twitter.

We are still currently only cloth diapering part-time, with only having 8 diapers. I refuse to wash EVERY day, so i use cloth during the day, normally between 9 or 10 and 5 or 6. So, for about 8 hours every day he’s in cloth. I can usually make 4 diapers last that time, i find that if you change them every 2 hours or so, they don’t leak. They ARE absorbant, but if you miss and let it go just a bit too long, they DO leak. And i’ve had quite a few leaks during nap times. So i really think if i had 8-10 more diapers, i’d be just about full-time in cloth.

For those of you with husbands like mine — who were very uneasy about using cloth. My husband adapted VERY quickly, and now the only thing he won’t really do is change a pooped in cloth diaper. I also tell him just to leave it on the changing table and i’ll take care of it anyways, because i have a system. But even he sees that we’ve been barely going through disposables, and that it will save us a lot of money not having to buy big boxes of diapers.

I bought a 5 gallon trash pail with a lid at Walmart for less than $5. I keep it in my laundry room, and after each diaper is used, i just toss it in. You would NEVER know that i have a pail full of dirty diapers in my laundry room, you can’t smell it at all. I wash every other day, in the evening, usually i put them in around 5pm (since that’s usually when he’s put back in a disposable for the evening). I got a lot of differing information on washing cloth diapers, so honestly, i looked at all the different ways people said they do it (again, i got a lot of info from Twitter), and then i figured i’d try the EASIEST.

So, i pull out all of the inserts, and toss them in the washing machine, along with the outsides. Then i add a TINY bit of All Free & Clear detergent, and i run a full cold wash, with an extra rinse. When that’s done, i immediately add a teeny bit more detergent, and run a hot wash, with an extra rinse. So yes, i wash them twice. That takes about 2 hours. I pull them out around 7pm, toss the inserts in the dryer, and hang up the diapers over my dining room chairs, and they are dry by morning. It really is easy. I’m having Josh make me a drying rack, too, so that i can just hang EVERYTHING, and save myself from running the dryer.

I’ve enjoyed using the cloth diapers so far, and aside from it being expensive, if you can get cheap ones somewhere, come across a deal, or buy them from someone else slightly used, it’s not that bad. It’s not as complicated as people make it sound, and i consider this an investment that i’m glad i started with my first baby, because i will definitely be saving these for my 2nd and hopefully 3rd babies, too.

[I’m in no way, shape, or form a cloth diaper expert. I’m a semi-new mama, trying out cloth diapering which is completely new to me. But if i can make it work, i think a lot of people can! It’s definitely worth it if you’re willing to try! Thank you to all the mama’s who have helped me, either by selling diapers to me, or giving me advice on all things cloth. Thank you!]


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