“What I Want To Teach My Daughter” — (Guest Blog Post) @domestik8d

I’ve thought about having a “guest blog poster” here for a while, but didn’t know exactly how I would go about it. Where do I find someone who wants to guest post on my blog? Until the answer smacked me right in the face — I already knew someone who would be PERFECT. So of course, I asked her and she said YES! Some of you may know her, some of you may not. If you don’t, I suggest you take some time to get to know her, you will NOT regret it. And leave her some love — we’re REALLY hoping that her posting here may become a regular thing. 😉


What I want to teach my daughter:










That she is safe & loved. That she can trust me & I will protect her.
That I will always be there when she cries. That I would do anything
for her. That I will always love her.

That she can do anything. That I believe in her. That her dreams are
my dreams. That I will help her when she needs me. That it is
okay to succeed. Or not. But to always try. And to always have fun.
Because having fun is the best part.

To take care of her body. To feed it good things. To move and stretch
and dance and laugh. To keep it safe. To love it.

To be independent. To explore. To create. To see, smell, taste, touch,
and listen to the world around her. To question and study and
experiment and learn. To teach others.

To laugh and to make others laugh. To be silly. To be nice. To share. To help.

Every day I spend with her I try to cultivate these skills. We talk
and laugh and sing and dance. Sometimes we cry. We cook and bake and
eat and play in the kitchen. We explore. We walk and climb and roll
and wrestle. We dig in the dirt and splash in the bath. We kiss and
hug and snuggle at bedtime.

And as I tuck my sweet little girl in her bed at night, I hope that I
have taught her well and prepared her for tomorrow.

[ Serving up equal parts of sass & sweet, Kate is pretty awesome to have around. She has a darling toddlby
girl, works at a toy store & bakes lots of treats. Making an excellent cup of coffee and creating killer
playlists are among her many talents. She tries to make the days a little brighter, one care-package at a time. You can
follow her twitter handle @domestik8d. ]

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