Meeting Moms.

I don’t consider myself to be a person who has a lot of friends. I have a lot of acquaintances, most who I barely even talk to. It’s sad, actually. When I was still working, I had all the people who I worked with — we weren’t friends — but we were forced to have long conversations for many hours at a time every day, because we worked together.

Do I still talk to any of those people? Nope. Do they call, text, email? Nope. (This mainly pertains to my most recent job. The one I had before that I actually WAS friends with some of the people I worked with. And some of them I DO still talk to, although not often enough.)

I talk to very few people I was friends with in high school. One of those friends, I see on a relatively regular basis (every few weeks), mainly because she has a little boy and now I have a little boy, so we have more in common again.

I have one close friend from college. I see her once a week/every other week.

And I have one “mom” friend. We try to get together every so often.

That sums up my “friends”. (Not ALL of them, i’m sure there are a few more thrown in there, too.)

So, how do you MAKE friends?? All of my friends are on the internet. That i’ve met on various websites, right now, mainly Twitter. I love  my friends from Twitter. They email and text me, to see how I’m doing. We write back and forth, knowing that the other may be completely across the country, playing with their little one, just like I’m playing with mine. But we take time from our day to write, just to make sure they’re ok.

You can’t have a playdate when someone is all the way across the country, though.

It’s hard when you become a mom. It’s like the plague. Unless they have a baby, they don’t seem to want to know you.

So — yesterday I joined — at the advice of a Twitter mama. 😉 It turns out, there aren’t a lot of local “meetups”, in my area. I did find ONE — so I joined. Now, I just need the guts to RSVP “yes” to a meetup. Luckily, right now there aren’t any. So it gives me a little time to warm up to the idea.

Plus, my husband doesn’t trust it — he thinks that a rapist, murderer, or something like that is going to get me on there. So who knows if he’ll even let me attend a meetup. How else does he expect me to ever meet any other moms?


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