Cloth Diaper Update.

We’ve been cloth diapering for a few months now. We’re not doing it 100% full time, though. He still wears a disposable diaper for nightime. Usually we do “bedtime” sometime around 6pm. At that point I put him in a disposable diaper. If I need to change him throughout the night, or early morning (he gets up at 5am), then I put him in another disposable. But usually around 9 or 10am he goes in his cloth and stays in them for the rest of the day.

I just currently managed to score another great deal on a few more cloth diapers, so I’m up to a total of 12 diapers. I paid $25 for my first batch, and $13 for this second batch. So a total of $38 for 12 diapers! Not bad AT ALL. I scour the internet on my sites like Twitter, Facebook, and a few other smaller sites for mamas selling their diapers. That’s how I score the deals. Unfortunately, I can’t afford them at their full price!

I find that with the cloth, we end up changing him about every 2 hours. So we can use 4 diapers for 8 hours, which falls between that 9 to 5 span, and with just 4 cloth diapers used a day, I can now wash every 3 days instead of every 2. On average I do cloth diapers twice a week, and now I’ve got a rack to hang them on, so I’m not running the dryer, either. Trying to do what I can to save us money — and be a little “greener”, too!

The only other thing we’ve changed up a little, is how we wash. I’m now doing a cold rinse & spin, and then putting them through a hot wash with “All — Free & Clear” detergent, and then running an extra rinse. This saves me a whole wash, since originally I was running 2 whole washes.

I finally feel like we’ve gotten the hang of this! We even use them when we go out, and I love people’s comments of, “Oh, you use cloth diapers?”

Why yes, yes I do.

Baby boy in one of his cloth diapers.



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