Pay It Forward: A Little Christmas Cheer.

This year hasn’t been easy for us. I thought we were really well prepared for Christmas. Until now. 3 days before Christmas.

It just hit me. Christmas is 3 days away. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve sent out a handful of bills each week. And now, as we’re about to go out to buy food to make Christmas Eve dinner, buy stuff to make our cookies, and even contemplated doing stockings between my husband and I (we didn’t buy gifts for each other, we knew we couldn’t afford them), we realized that we have no money.

No, I mean that literally. There’s nothing in the bank account.


I write on a few sites. I write here, and you can find me on Twitter. I also write on a more private site, on a smaller scale than this. A little more personal, you can say.

This morning, I had to vent. I let it all out. Money problems. Marriage problems. Depression problems.

3 days before Christmas!

At that point, I closed my laptop and went on to do things like have breakfast with the baby, sit down and play with some toys, do a little cleaning around the house. I came back a little while later to find a comment from someone I don’t really know — AT ALL. Just another member of the site I was writing on.

They asked for my email/paypal address.

And a couple of hours later, there was $100 in my paypal account.

There ARE still good people out there. There are!

I wasn’t asking for a handout. I was just letting out some frustration. And another person, who identified with me, did a selfless act — a random act of kindness — and helped make my Christmas a little brighter. Gave that little extra — so we can afford dinner, and some stuff to bake cookies for ourselves and “Santa.”

Now I vow that next year, my family will be in a better place. And when I come across someone who’s in need, just like I am this year — I’m going to do the same thing for them.

To that person who did that for me — if you see this — Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You’ll never know what that meant to me.

Have you done a random act of kindness this Holiday Season? Leave me a comment and tell me about it! 

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