Merry Christmas.

It’s  Christmas Eve.

My house is clean.
Holiday candles are lit.
Christmas music is playing.
Cookies are baked & decorated.
The Christmas tree lights are on.
The table is set for Christmas Eve dinner.

Our Christmas snowmen candles.

Today, we’ll share food with family. Christmas cookies, coffee, eggnog for dessert. Open gifts that some of us were fortunate enough to be able to buy for each other. Tonight, when everyone goes home, I’ll sit by my Christmas tree with my eggnog, and thank God that my little family is happy, healthy, and able to celebrate Christmas together.

Tomorrow, we’ll wake up to have a Christmas breakfast and enjoy baby’s 1st Christmas — opening gifts and enjoying each other’s company. We’ll head up to my Dad’s for dinner, and enjoy more family.

Merry Christmas to all my friends out there, ones whom I’ve met in person, and those I haven’t. Money doesn’t make the holidays, you do. I hope everyone remembers the reason for Christmas this year, and doesn’t let how much or how little money they have come in between you, your family, and the Holidays.

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