Tupperware Story (A Christmas Gift That Didn’t Work).

For Christmas, my mom asked me what I might want (or need, or could use). All I could think of was some new pillows for our bed. And some Tupperware.

So she took the idea and ran with it. She got us 4 pillows, 2 sheet sets, and a box of (Walmart brand) “storage containers”. So after our Christmas Eve dinner, I decided that I’d put ALL of the leftovers away in our new storage set. I was really psyched about it — I mean, who doesn’t love some storage?! It was a pretty neat set of 24 pieces (12 lids and 12 containers). There were even little “vents” in the top that you could open while you heat the container in the microwave.

 My mom and I set off into the kitchen while everyone else chatted, nibbled on desserts and drank coffee and/or wine. We started to clean up, and started loading up the containers with food. Lots and LOTS of food.

And then we went to put the lids on. And as hard as I tried, I COULD NOT get the lids to fit. My mom tried, and failed. I called my husband into the kitchen, and he tried. And failed.

FAIL. The lids did not fit the containers.

So today, my mom stopped by the house to pick up the containers (which I thoroughly washed and repacked into the box) and she headed off to the store. She ended up getting a Rubbermaid set.

40 piece Rubbermaid set

For only a few dollars more, this set is excellent. There’s lots of different sizes, and the lids fit PERFECTLY. My next project — to clean out my kitchen cabinets of random storage containers and lids that DO NOT match, and fill it with my brand new 40 piece set that I absolutely love.

Lesson learned. Buy the well known brand.

What did you get for Christmas?

[This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way. All of the opinions in this post are my own.]


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