11 Month Old Baby.

I sit down this morning with my cup of coffee, and get set to write my “11 month old baby” update. I look down at the calendar to see that it’s the 29th. His 11 month birthday was yesterday and I didn’t even realize it. I honestly thought that today was the 28th.

Mother of the Year candidate, I am not.

But nonetheless, here’s all about my 11 month old baby boy. We’re so close to 1 year — how the heck did this happen!?

  • Approximately 23 pounds, going by what he was when we were there a few weeks ago for his flu shot.
  • Still fits in some 9 month clothes, but i’ve pulled almost all of them out of his drawers and replaced with all of his 12 month stuff. Especially since he got a TON of 12 month stuff for Christmas, he’s all set for the entire Winter!
  • Weaning himself from the bottle. He really only wants it in the morning, after going all night without eat (except for nursing). He’s taking 6 ounces (of formula) when he wakes up. Some days, he’s taking another 4 in the late afternoon/evening, but not every day.  I kind of wish I hadn’t given up pumping … because I could have easily pumped 6 ounces each day and had him off of formula by now. There will always be regrets, right?
  • STILL wearing size 3 diapers. We’re only buying one box of Pampers a month (~$22) that he wears overnight, and doing cloth the rest of the time. We thoroughly enjoy cloth diapering, even my husband likes it!
  • Still nursing a LOT. For EVERY nap, EVERY night to go to sleep. throughout the night, first thing in the morning, and occasionally during the day, too. It’s pretty much the ONLY thing that comforts him. I love it. No plans for weaning, whatsoever.
  • Has stood unassisted for a few seconds at a time, a couple times so far. If you hold one hand he’ll walk all over the place, though. It’s coming, soon!
  • Has 6 teeth, and hasn ‘t cut a tooth in about 4 weeks now.
  • Did “so big” yesterday for the first time. He’s not consistent about it, but he’s getting it!
  • On Christmas Day, started copying my step-mom by scrunching his nose. Now if you look at him and do it, he scrunches up his nose, makes kissy lips, and breathes heavy through his nose. CUTEST thing ever. (Note to self: MUST take a picture!)
  • Great eater, still. 3 full meals a day, plus atleast 2 snacks. Starting to get the hang of the sippy cup, and usually has water or water and a little cranberry juice daily. Also, loves milk, but is only given small sips at a time for now. Will eat pretty much ANYTHING. Also, isn’t really enjoying the jarred baby food (side story: we’re offering jarred baby food only because we get it for free, and with money so tight right now, it’s food that we can’t turn down… ) that we have in the house now, but will tolerate the thicker fruits and vegetables. I usually just offer it alongside of whatever else we’re eating. He’d much rather have regular food that he can feed himself.
  • Snacks usually consist of plain cheerios, a handful of Kix, or occasionally some honey teddy grahams.
  • LOVES cheese more than ANYTHING.


That’s about all I can think of, for now. I’ll close this with a relatively recent picture of my 11 month old little boy!


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