Do You Have Good Credit?

How often do you get a copy of your credit report?

The day I went to buy a house (or technically, apply for a mortgage after I was newly married) was the first time I had EVER gotten a credit report for myself. I was 26 years old. And I had never even seen a copy of my own credit.

I knew it was good. I’ve had credit cards since I was 18 and went off to college. Unlike a lot of college “kids” I wasn’t in extreme debt. I casually used my credit cards to build up my credit and I always paid them!

You know, I didn’t know it was my right to get a free credit score.  I didn’t think it was important that I did. But I was definitely wrong!  After I viewed my reports and scores I found that my credit was fine! Good, or even better than good! But there were other things on my credit report. For instance, it showed that I already owned a house. But I didn’t! There was someone out there with the same name as my brand-new married name. So I had to go through the banks to get that taken care of before they would let me apply for a mortgage. There were “credit cards” on my credit report that weren’t even mine. Ones that I had never had! I had to go through the companies to get those taken care of!

Who knows how long those things had been on my credit reports. If I had paid attention and gotten a report earlier, I wouldn’t have had to had those things taken care of at that time.

Nowadays, my credit is pretty good. We have a mortgage, and a car. I have 2 credit cards, both of which have balances below $30. And I know better than to not pay attention to my credit scores!

If you haven’t looked online yet to get a free credit score for yourself, you should do that today.

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