New Years Resolutions (Hello, 2012!)

I didn’t make any resolutions going into 2011. One year ago today, I was super pregnant, but still had almost 2 months until baby boy was supposed to be born. Obviously that didn’t happen, because he was born before January even ended. It made 2011 the best year of my life. But also, the hardest.

But this year is different. So, I’ve decided to make a list of resolution that I really want to keep.

  • Find balance. Between being a wife, mom, and myself.
  •  Work towards a better, healthier, more fit “me”. Try to work out. Eat well. Lose some weight. My goal is to get to my pre-pregnancy weight before we can start trying for another baby. And I’ve been having a really hard time with losing the baby weight. He’s almost a year old, it should be gone by now.
  • Have patience. With everything. Including my husband and my baby.
  • NO MORE SCREAMING. I have an awful temper and I can’t stand it. I don’t want my baby boy growing up hearing me scream at him (or anything else) all of the time. This is a big one for me to work on.
  • Not do so much nagging. I do it and I know it. I have major “clean-house” OCD. I get anxious and mad when it gets messed up even a little bit. I need to relax and just let it be. I spend all of my time mad my house isn’t “perfect” and I’m sure I miss out on a lot because of it.
  • Spend time with my husband. I’ve only left the baby ONE TIME since he’s been born. We’ve haven’t been out alone yet. Between that and co-sleeping, we never, EVER have a moment alone together. It’s wearing on our marriage big-time.
  • Enjoy the little things. Like a 5 minute hot shower, a hot cup of tea, or a good tv show. My anxiety gets the best of me and I’m tired of it.
  • If I don’t start to see a change — see someone about PPD. Because really, I hate this feeling.
  • Cook, bake, scrapbook, craft, and photograph. Have hobbies.
  • Keep working on my blog. Keep working to make it better. Work towards having it bring in some money each month to help us out.

I really think I can keep these resolutions. They aren’t crazy or unattainable. They are all things that will help me be a better person.

What are your resolutions? I’m linking up to Diana’s post at Hormonal Imbalances. If you do a “Resolutions” post, link up with her, too!

And even if you don’t, check out her site. Because she’s awesome.

Hormonal Imbalances


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