1-800-Who Stole My Identity?

Did you ever really think that you had to do things to protect your identity?

Did you know that the average stolen identity is used about 30 times before the victim even finds out about it?

Identity theft protection is something that we all should be thinking about. Because just when you think it can’t happen to you — well, it does.

This reminds me of a story from a time back in college. I’d say it was maybe 8 or 9 years ago? I’d just come home from work to find my roommate and two police officers sitting around our dining room table in our apartment. My first though, “What did I do?” No, I’m just kidding. But, seriously.

My roommate had her identity stolen. Just as she did every single day when she went to work at her job down the street at the mall, she had used her credit card to buy a cup of coffee. The cashier who used her credit card stole all of the information off of it without her even knowing it. Luckily, her bank put a “stop” on the card and tried to contact her immediately — asking her if she was aware of the charges being made to her account. Let’s just say this — my roommate was completely unaware of the phone calls being made to a 1-800 number that required you to be 18 years of age or older.

They caught it early enough that no permanent damage was done aside from having the charges removed from her account. Did they ever find or charge the person who did it? I don’t think they did.

You can become a member of places like IdentityHawk, who offers easy fraud protection. Because you really should be aware of just who might be trying to steal your identity out there. It sounds horrible but things are just not as safe as they used to be anymore.

And really — do you want someone stealing your identity and then using it to call dirty 1-800 numbers? I know I don’t!

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