One Year Old Baby.

We’ve officially made it to a year (and over). So here’s my usual “what’s baby doing now” post.

At 12 months:

  • Stats: Weighs 21.9 pounds.
    Height: 31 inches
    Head circ:  18.7 inches
  • Wearing 12 month clothes.
  • Wearing size 3 (disposable) diapers, and still doing cloth most of the time.
  • Taking 2 naps a day (most days).
  • Completely off of bottles and formula. Has been since about 11 months.
  • Drinking whole milk, but only 5-10 oz/day. Mixing an ounce of cranberry juice with about 4 oz of water occasionally.
  • Still nursing EVERY day, a few times a day and during the night. (!!!)
  • Still eats VERY well. 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks a day. Loves things like teddy grahams, plain cheerios, kix, and the occasional fruit loops for snacks.
  • Still co-sleeping. We started transferring to the crib (which is in our room) 2 nights ago. The first night he slept 3+ hours in it before coming to bed with us, last night, almost 4 hours in the crib before coming to bed. Is having a hard time sleeping because of the awful cold/cough that he has, which we thought was going away but yesterday got worse again.
  • Free-standing often and cruising as much as possible on ANYTHING, but not officially walking.
  • Still mostly only saying “dada”. With the occasional “ma”.
  • Just cut his 8th tooth! EIGHT TEETH! The Baltic Amber teething necklace makes a WORLD of difference. I didn’t even know he was cutting this one until it was THROUGH the gums by a bit!

I guess that’s about it. My child is currently asleep in his crib and has been for about 1 hour. There are many things I could do right now. Clean the house. Take a shower. Sew. Do more blog posts. Read one of the three books i’m on right now. Watch tv.

Or maybe I’ll just close my eyes… Just for a few minutes…


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