A few months ago, our pediatrician told us to expect the baby to come down with 8 or more colds each Winter. Not each year, but each Winter season. That’s the average for a baby who does not attend a daycare facility.

Back a few months ago, the baby had a few colds. One that was really significant. And even that never brought on a fever or anything truly worrysome — only your typical cough/runny nose, etc.

But about 4 weeks ago, the he came down with a cold. It started with a runny nose. You know the kind — where the poor thing needs you to wipe the stuff running down his face every few minutes until it’s raw and red and he screams every time you come near him with a tissue. (Sidenote: I always swore I wouldn’t waste my money on “useless” products. Useless things like Boogie Wipes, which can be found in the cold medicine section of the drugstore. And let me just say now that those things are priceless to a baby with a very sore nose and well — spend your money on them, it’s so worth it.)

This cold lasted a good two weeks before started to go away. And it went away for maybe 2 days before coming back even worst than it was when it started. Around the 4 week mark (yes, he still had it just as bad at week 4), last Friday evening, he came down with a low grade fever. It was only 101 or so, but still — we gave a little Tylenol before bed and noticed he had a diarrhea diaper, too.

The next morning he woke up around his usual time — 7 am or so — and was ready for a nap by 9. He slept. And slept. ALL day long. Around mid afternoon he woke up HOT. Fever of 103.9. Still was having diarrhea. Minimal appetite. We called the on-call doctor and she called in a prescription for his 4-week old cold (she was assuming ear infection or something in his lungs, etc) and also wanted to see us on Monday. So we spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, giving him cups of Pedialyte, and trying to keep his fever down — while changing MANY diarrhea diapers.

We were all very, very sad.

Monday we saw the doctor. His fever had gone down to 99. The diarrhea was starting to die down a little. She said just continue on what we were doing, and it’d pass soon. Tuesday and Wednesday went by and he started to feel better. Wednesday evening, he broke out in a horrible rash. His entire torso was covered, front and back, and up onto his neck. We called the doctor Thursday morning, and they said bring him back in (Thank God for insurance, huh?!). The rash was considered to be viral — so all of his illnesses are just assumed to be connected and as some sort of virus. Not allergy related at all. Keep him on the prescription and watch for the rash to go away.

At this point, all he’s left with is a minor cold. And almost 5 weeks straight of being sick. For a kid who doesn’t even go to daycare. This has been a really sucky 5 weeks for baby and Mommy. Is Winter almost over?


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