TV at schools.

{Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer}

At my children’s elementary school, if they get to school before 7:30, they go into a room and watch tv. I’m sure they have something like DIRECT TV, so they probably have an “educational” show playing, but I’d really prefer my kids didn’t start their day watching television. I have to be at work across town at 8:00, so I drop the kids off at 7:15. That means they watch tv for 45 minutes every morning. I know from experience at home that when the watch tv, they completely zone out, as if they are hypnotized. I’m no teacher, but it doesn’t make sense to me to get kids brains ready for learning by plugging them into the television. I think a much more useful activity would be playing quietly with puzzles, reading books, or coloring. Or honestly, even just laying with their heads down listening to classical music. I am thinking about bringing this up at the next PTO meeting, but I’m sensitive to coming across as one of “those” moms, which I’m really not.


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