Mama’s Helper (Something Every Mama Needs!)

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I just had someone to play with/watch the baby for even 30 minutes, I could get ______ done.”

Or, have you ever just really wanted a 30 minute bubble bath by candlelight (maybe with a glass of wine), while you read a book, and then maybe give yourself a pedicure?

If you’re like me, then you’ve thought about how much you would LIKE to do these things, but you don’t want to pay a babysitter or use a daycare or anything like those options.

But what if you could have a “helper?” Someone who comes over and helps around the house. Maybe she watches and plays with the baby while you cook dinner and tidy up the kitchen. Or maybe she helps you fold 3 baskets of laundry and keep an eye on the baby at the same time. Maybe she just sits outside with you on a blanket in the sun with the baby and chats. She offers after dinner to bathe and/or dress the baby for bed while you do a few things for yourself.

I’m not talking about a nanny — or anyone who’s going to do everything for you, including raising your child. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m just talking about a little help. Someone who pushes the carriage through the grocery store while you concentrate on getting everything on your list, and you don’t have to worry about turning your back to the baby because there’s someone watching him while you step a few feet away from your carriage to grab a few things.

This is what I’ve managed to find for myself and it’s made a HUGE difference. My house is cleaner now because I can either 1) have someone do a few things for me, or 2) I can do a few things quickly without having to step back and forth to the baby who wants attention while I try to throw dinner in the oven — thus making these small chores and things around the house take a LOT less time and then I can go back to being with my baby! I still do most of the things for my baby — I don’t just sit here while my help takes care of him. But, if I need a few minutes or need to do a few things like make phone calls, write out bills, or TAKE A SHOWER, I know that he’s in good hands and being played with and happy.

I call her my “mama’s helper.” She hangs out at my house, usually has lunch and/or dinner with us, I let her use my computer for stuff like school work or other things, and she helps me out. It’s made ALL of the difference ..

Especially since we have ANOTHER baby on the way! (I told you big news was coming!)



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