RLR Laundry Treatment — Product Review

About a month ago, I decided to increase my cloth diaper stash (in preparation for baby #2 and also because I’d like to be able to make it an extra day or so without having to wash my diapers), so I purchased some used diapers online. I bought from a few different people and as you should do when buying used cloth diapers — I had to strip them before I used them. I also have been noticing a tiny bit of “ammonia” smell from our own diapers — not bad, but enough that I’d like to do something about it before it got bad. We had also had a few leaks — I’m not positive it was the diapers, or the fact that my kid just pee’s pretty heavily.

Anyways, I researched online about diaper stripping and came across this product:

I found it on a website that I frequent, Mom’s Milk Boutique. They sell for $2.50 per packet, but if you buy larger quantities the price goes down. There are great reviews on the site, and there are specific directions for stripping cloth diapers. For only a few bucks, I figured — why not? It sounded a heck of a lot easier than boiling diapers, washing them in the sink or tub with Dawn dish soap, etc. So I placed my order on a Friday — and I think I had my RLR packets by Monday? (Quick shipping!)

The process is ridiculously easy. I have an HE front loading washing machine. You just throw your (clean) diapers in the machine, open the packet and sprinkle it on top of the dry diapers. I separated my covers from my inserts and did two separate loads. Then I just ran a regular wash cycle, and then ran an extra rinse cycle. The directions state to make sure that if there are still suds in the water, to run extra rinses until they were gone. I didn’t notice any suds in the rinse, so the one extra cycle seemed to be just fine.

I hung out all of the diapers in the sun to dry and let them stay there pretty much all day long. When I brought them inside they all looked BRAND NEW. They were whiter than before and smelled SO GOOD. If you hadn’t known, you would have NEVER guessed that they were used diapers.

All of our diapers look brand new again! It’s not recommended to use this for every wash, but only when you notice an issue (smell, leaking, etc) or up to once a month as a preventative measure. If you use cloth diapers you should DEFINITELY purchase some of this stuff. It couldn’t be easier and I couldn’t be happier with our results!

Go to Mom’s Milk Boutique and grab some RLR Laundry Treatment.

[I am in no way affiliated with Mom’s Milk Boutique or RLR Laundry Treatment. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are 100% my own. If you have a product you would like me to try and review, please feel free to contact me.]


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