Breadmaker — There’s Nothing Like Fresh Homemade Bread. (Review)

About the same time I started juicing at home and decided to stop buying all bottled juices, etc., we also decided that we would stop buying processed store bought breads, too. I told my husband that I would like to bake all of our own breads and asked if we could purchase a breadmaker. He warned me, just like he does with everything — “If we buy it, you better use it…”

I told him we’d hold off for a little bit, and buy one “soon.” But later that day in the store, we wandered down the kitchen appliances aisle and ended up with this one:

It’s an Oster breadmachine — it cost about $69 in Walmart.

You get the machine, a small measuring cup, and the little plastic measuring spoon. You also get the manual which tells you how to care for it — for instance, don’t put the bread tray in the dishwasher — you’ll ruin it! And it also has quite a few great recipes inside.

My “every day” recipe is the Traditional White bread — but yesterday I tried a Country Style White bread and it was even better! Some of my next ones to try include an Italian Herb bread, and a Cheddar Cheese bread. Yum! There are also recipes for doughs (pizza, bagels, etc) and jams, marmalades, etc. There’s a lot more you can do with a breadmachine than just bake bread.

The main reason I love this machine SO MUCH is that I know exactly what I’m putting in my family’s bread.  Go ahead and grab your closest store bought bread right now and read the ingredients. You’re guaranteed to find atleast 10 to 15 different ingredients, many of which you either cannot say or do not even know what they are or what they’re for.

There are only 7 basic ingredients in my Traditional white bread. Water, butter, salt, flour, (dry) milk, sugar, and yeast. And with a little playing around with the recipe, I’ve even come to find out that I pretty much omit the dry milk, and don’t even always use bread flour – but i use all purpose flour instead. I ALWAYS have those things on hand, so I never have to worry about running out of bread. I play with the level of yeast a little bit depending on what type of flour i use, because different ones will make it rise differently.

In 3 hours and 13 minutes I’m guaranteed an amazing loaf of bread. It even has a timer — you can put all the ingredients in before bed, set the timer, and wake up to FRESH baked bread for breakfast!

And pretty much my FAVORITE part — it’s SO QUICK and SO EASY. With 7 or less ingredients, it takes me 7 or less minutes to measure and throw everything in the machine. Plug it in, hit the “start” button, and in less than 10 minutes I can have bread baking AND be all cleaned up! It really doesn’t get ANY easier than that. Sure, you can do all of the work yourself.. you can measure, and raise the dough, and knead it… but why WOULD you when you can pour the ingredients in the machine and it’s ALL done for you. If you’re a busy mom of one, or more, you know what it’s like to only have 10 minutes at a time to get ANYTHING done. And now in 10 minutes, you can have FRESH bread baking for your family.

Seriously, if you don’t have one of these, you should go buy one.

Doesn’t this look good?

[This is not a Sponsored post, and I am not in any way affiliated with Oster. I was not compensated in ANY way for this post — these are 100% my own opinions.]


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