Making Your Own Cleaning Supplies.

So, I went ahead and did something that I swore I would not do.

I made some of my own homemade cleaning supplies.

In talking to other people and moms/parents, I’ve discovered that people do this for three main reasons. It’s cheaper, safer, and better for the environment. These are three pretty good reasons, I guess.

Most of the people I’ve personally asked about it do it’s for the “safety.” They all want to keep chemicals out of their houses and away from their children.

I’m not really sure that that’s my reason, though. Hey, I’m being honest — right? It’s not that I don’t want a safe environment for my baby. Because I do. And all of my cleaning supplies are in one locked cabinet that he has no access to. I don’t use bleach on his toys and then tell him to put them in his mouth. I use the harsher products on things that he more often than not doesn’t come in contact with.

But that’s besides the fact.

I was bored. We’re short on money. And I was curious. Those are my reasons.

I really love my cleaning products. I’ve always got bleach, ammonia, and all the others around. I love my Soft Scrub for the shower and tub, and my Comet for the toilet. I love all purpose cleaners, cleaners with bleach, cleaners without bleach… I have a different cleaner for EVERY job. Does it make life easier? Not really. But do I love pulling out all of my different cleaners and really going to town on my entire house? I sure do.

So when I decided to to this, it was more for the sake of curiosity. How many cleaners can I make for how cheap? How well will they work? I really just wanted to test it out. That, and it was fun to go to BJ’s and buy really big containers/bags of supplies, like over a gallon of vinegar and 13 pounds of baking soda.

My first task was to make a tub and shower cleaner — because I saw it on Pinterest and thought it looked like fun. It’s a pretty easy recipe — heat up about a cup of vinegar (I did it in the microwave for 2 minutes) and then pour into a spray bottle. Add the equal part — 1 cup — of Dawn dish soap and gently shake. Don’t shake TOO hard or they’re will be a LOT of bubbles and it won’t spray easily. Spray down your shower and tub and let sit for an hour or two. Wipe down with a sponge and a little warm water. I have to say, it comes pretty clean. My shower is decades old and stained, so I can’t say how beautiful it would look if it were a brand new white and tiled shower… But it did work. I also used it on my bathroom counter and sink and they came clean, too. All in all — it was easy.

My next task was even easier. How to get your microwave clean. Easiest trick ever. Take a bowl, fill with water. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar, put in microwave for 5 minutes. When it’s done (be careful, the bowl is hot!) pull the bowl out and wipe with a clean cloth. My microwave was bad, and it still took on a minute or two to wipe clean!

And my last task for the day was to mix my own Windex. This one was a little more complicated and a little less “green” and “safe.” For the full recipe, go here. It includes mixing water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and Dawn dish soap. But sure enough — it does work just as well as store bought Windex! And literally costs pennies.

I have more recipes and more fun things to “try” when I get a chance (and a few more ingredients). These really ARE money saving tips — and they are probably healthier for you and your family. Whatever your reason is, you should give it a try. If nothing else, it’s been a fun project to try out and keep me busy — and save us some money!

[None of these recipes are my own. I found all of them on the Internet, mostly on sites like and Pinterest.]


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