Finding Low Income Housing

There are more people out there than you think that are considered “low income.” If you make less than $40,000 each year you are considered to be in the low income bracket. And I can guarantee — everyone reading this right now either falls into that category themselves or knows someone close to them who may.

Finding low income housing in today’s economy is actually easier than you think, though. There are places you can go to get help. And while there are qualifications you have to meet, it is out there.  (Qualifications usually include things like proof of low income, proof of hardship, and verification of the number of dependents living with you)

One place that you can visit to get help in looking for housing is They offer a large directory that almost guarantees something in your area. It features the most current listings of both low income and affordable housing. Programs are a combination of both government agencies and non-profit organizations.

The website also has a page of resources that you may find useful, along with help with food stamps, low credit loans, foreclosures, and more.


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