Recent Recipes.

I have been going crazy cooking and baking and trying out new recipes. Most of them are not all that complicated, so I thought I’d share.

Usually when I make something new or fun — or something that comes out really well — I post about it on Facebook or wherever. I even had a friend ask me, “Where do you find all of the time for that?!”

Finding time is easy when you really enjoy doing it. But I have to admit, it’s getting harder, at just about 26 weeks pregnant, to find time for cooking 3 meals a day, plus baking in between, and chasing my toddler all over the place, AND keeping the house clean. But it can be done.

One of my favorite recent recipes is this one that I found here for “Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies.” I had actually been looking around Pinterest for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe and ended up on that site after clicking around from a few other sites. I followed the recipe pretty much exact. I had to test my oven with the first batch and found that 13 minutes worked perfectly for me — I also don’t like my cookies dark, but like them very light. I can honestly say those are the BEST cookies I’ve ever baked and I WILL be baking them often. The recipe makes a LARGE batch, especially if you follow it and make small cookies. I’m heavy handed with my spoon and made some larger cookies, and still got a LOT of cookies. In the future I’ll be making up the dough and either freezing some dough or some already-baked cookies to take out as the weeks go by.

My cookies (only a small portion of them):

And my other favorite recipe of the weekend would definitely have to be one I found on Pinterest. It’s barely able to be called a “recipe” though, it’s so simple.

Using store bought pancake mix, make a up a bowl of pancake batter. Pre-heat over to 350. The recipe called for mini-muffin tins, but I used very LARGE muffin tins instead. The recipe also called for pre-cooked breakfast sausage, but I used a roll of uncooked sausage that could be cooked in a pan and comes out all crumbly. Lay out sausage in tin, and then pour batter on top. I filled the the very top of the muffin tin, so they’d be BIG pancake-muffins. Cook until golden brown — in my oven, maybe 20 minutes or so? I kept a close eye on them.

They came out like this:

Next time I bake these (I planned on today, but that may not happen…) I will be mixing it up and putting different things inside of them. Maybe fruits — strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, maybe more sausage or bacon even, and maybe even some chocolate chips. I want to make larger batches and freeze them, so my husband can grab one at a time for work in the morning. And it’ll be great to defrost the night before and the kiddo and I can share one in the morning with a side of fruit and yogurt. Yum.


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