It’s Music Festival Season.

It’s festival season and millions of people all over the world are heading out to hit their favorite festivals. Did you know that the average festival goer is 28 years old — and more than 50% of them are females? Or that only 19% of them have children, but 46% of them are single and “unattached.”  This includes festivals you may have heard of, like Lollapalooza and Coachella.

Music festivals have been around for ages, ever since the Ancient Egyptians had religious festivals in 4,500 BCE. And attendance to these festivals just continues to increase, from 100,000 people in 1924 at the Ole Time Fiddlers and Bluegrass Festival to 1 million people in 1985 at Live Aid.

The average revenue of a large venue festival is approximately $10 to $40 million. And, boy, do tickets sell fast! Coachella 2012 tickets sold out in 3 hours. And those tickets sell for about $349 a piece! If you’re hosting a festival and are looking for event supplies and concession machines, check out

Music Festivals Infographic

Infographic Provided by EquipSupply




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