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Recent Recipes.

I have been going crazy cooking and baking and trying out new recipes. Most of them are not all that complicated, so I thought I’d share.

Usually when I make something new or fun — or something that comes out really well — I post about it on Facebook or wherever. I even had a friend ask me, “Where do you find all of the time for that?!”

Finding time is easy when you really enjoy doing it. But I have to admit, it’s getting harder, at just about 26 weeks pregnant, to find time for cooking 3 meals a day, plus baking in between, and chasing my toddler all over the place, AND keeping the house clean. But it can be done.

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Breadmaker — There’s Nothing Like Fresh Homemade Bread. (Review)

About the same time I started juicing at home and decided to stop buying all bottled juices, etc., we also decided that we would stop buying processed store bought breads, too. I told my husband that I would like to bake all of our own breads and asked if we could purchase a breadmaker. He warned me, just like he does with everything — “If we buy it, you better use it…”

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Christmas Prep.

I’ve been a little MIA lately. I apologize.

With it being the week before Christmas, we’ve got a lot going on. My goal is to do a little cleaning each day, and then by the end of the week, just a quick touch up vacuum/dust and by Christmas Eve morning we’ll be ready to set up the table and decorations and be having dinner by 2pm.

Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you? We’re hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house.

Thanks to everyone pitching in, it shouldn’t be too hard.

On the menu: 

Appetizers: Crackers & cheese platter.

Dinner: Spiral cut ham, green bean casserole, green beans (plain, for anyone who doesn’t want/can’t eat the casserole), stuffed zucchini/mushrooms, homemade mashed potatoes, olives, ¬†bread.

Dessert: brownies, christmas cookies, coffee.

And with all the help, the only thing I’m responsible for buying are the potatoes and the fixings for them (sour cream, butter), and the cream of mushroom soup/onions that will go on the beans. Everything else is being bought by someone else! But i’ll be doing most of the cooking — they’re just buying the stuff and dropping it off here. Easy enough!

So Christmas Eve will be spent here in my house. We’ll set up a table for 10, play Christmas music, eat dinner and dessert, and I’m thinking there will be lots of gifts for the baby. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really afford gifts for anyone BUT the baby, but we ARE handing out Christmas pictures of him to everyone.

Christmas Day will be a busy one, too. Wake up, just Hubby, the baby and I, and open presents. I’ll be making something for breakfast — so we’ll sit and enjoy some coffee/eggnog and breakfast before heading up to Hubby’s Dad’s house to open gifts with them. Then we’ll rush back home, get on our Christmas clothes, and head off to MY Dad’s house for dinner at 1pm. There will be minimal gifts there, just for the baby — but i’m sure we’ll have eggnog and cookies and chit chat.

I hope to spend the very end of the day at home, cuddled up with my 2 guys — in front of the Christmas tree, drinking just a LITTLE bit more eggnog.

Can you tell I like eggnog!?

But back to today. I’m hoping to continue on with my holiday traditions, and do some Christmas cookie baking today. I have a few recipes that I would like to try for the first time. If all goes well, pictures and a follow up entry will be coming soon.


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