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Easy Homemade Pickles.

I specifically chose to grow pickling cucumbers in my garden this year for one reason. I wanted to learn to make my own pickles!

We grew regular cucumbers last year and they didn’t do particularly well. We got a few, maybe, but not an over abundance.

But this year? Our garden is doing amazing. And over this past weekend we had our first harvest of cucumbers. There were 7 cucumbers “ready.” By ready, you want them to be about 2 inches around and no longer than 4 or 5 inches. Any bigger, and they will become seedy and a little bitter — not the best for homemade pickles. So we picked our 7 pickles and brought them inside and rinsed them with water. That’s all the “cleaning” they need — but you do need to make sure you clean them, if not your pickles are more likely to go bad quicker.

In order to give credit where credit’s due — I searched ALL over the internet for “pickling” recipes, but ultimately ended up following the one that I found on this blog.

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