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What You REALLY Need For Baby.

Preparing for my 2nd baby has been a MILLION times easier than our 1st. (Not to mention — this pregnancy has been easier on me, Thank God! Even WITH an active toddler!)

Today’s media make babies out to be more like accessories. When you get pregnant they immediately convince you that you need to start BUYING things. ¬†While you’re pregnant, they tell you buy your prenatals from day 1 (which you should — take your vitamins). Then they start pushing maternity clothing on you. And creams, lotions, and other “products” for all of your stretch marks and other “ailments” you may acquire while pregnant.

I have a few of those creams. I don’t even use them. I don’t have any stretch marks (from pregnancy, anyways).

Then you need stuff for the BABY. Clothes, diapers, bath products, cribs/bassinets/cradles, swings/bouncers, bottles/pacifiers and the list goes ON AND ON. Get a wipe warmer, they say — it’s “nicer” for baby. Get a Diaper Genie — it’s a “necessity.”

Umm, you don’t really need most of that stuff.

I’m actually downsizing for baby #2. Will i pull out the cradle? Yes. Will baby sleep in it? Maybe. Will baby probably sleep in my bed? Yep.

Do i have a bouncy seat and a swing? Yes. Will i use them this time? Probably. Only because I fully intend on still spending 1 on 1 time with my toddler, who will be 20 months when baby is born and is an INCREDIBLY attached child. And I don’t want that to end.

I actually purchased this item here:

A Fisher Price Rock & Play, after seeing more than just a few “2nd Time Mamas” online with them. I think it’ll be a nice portable way to have a pair of 2nd “arms” when baby is sleeping, so I can spend time with my toddler playing, learning, and being together.

But ALL of those items that “entertain” baby? HOLD your baby. They are only little for SUCH a short time!

I’m even downsizing our “bath” products. For my baby shower, I got a TON of stuff. Mostly Johnson & Johnson … I still have PILES of it left that I haven’t used. I’m currently looking for a more natural option, and planning on returning the piles of unopened stuff to be able to purchase a better option to use on both the kids. Any leftover money from that stuff will go towards nursing bras, etc.

And don’t even get me started on bottles, pacifiers, etc. People run out and buy tons of this stuff. I don’t even plan on pulling this stuff out to have around. This stuff on makes using formula easier. Doesn’t it sound tempting — make a bottle of formula! Then shove a pacifier in baby’s mouth! You will barely have to do anything! This will be one of the top things on my list of things NOT to do for the hospital/other people. DO NOT GIVE BOTTLES OR PACIFIERS. If baby needs to eat, or to be comforted — GIVE TO MAMA.

All you REALLY need when you have a baby is diapers (whether you use cloth or disposable), a place for baby to sleep (my arms and my bed work well for that) and to feed baby — that’s what breast is for. If you have those things, you’re pretty much all set. (And obviously baby needs some clothing, too. But seriously — get some onesies, nightgowns, and sleepers. All of those crazy outfits? More of a pain in the butt than anything!)



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